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First of all, Happy Halloween. Second of all- that was one weird slush storm two nights ago. Third of all, no recipe today. I'm sorry. Explanation/excuse: we lost all power as of 1 AM yesterday, and so spent the night camped out in a hotel that had power. Unlike the hotel we first went to, which was out. And I meant camped out- we brought rations. And a cooking surface and utensils

 The most inconvenient thing about celiac, is that you can't just decide to spend a night at a hotel and not bring food. Or go out dinner at any old restaurant and tell them you're gluten-free. Cross-contamination (where trace amounts of food from that last gluten-batch they cooked get into your GF food) is a real problem. Usually it requires a whole separate kitchen for restaurants to accommodate true cross-contamination-free GF cooking. Sometimes, super amazing cleaning procedures are ok, but that's really hard to judge. So we travel with our griddle, some knives, cutting boards, and often the crock-pot (check the bottom of the post for a list of stuff to bring) It seems really strange, and I hate doing dishes in a hotel room, but is totally worth not being sick. But, when we are travelling for fun (and not to escape a 35 degree house...) and set up the crock-pot and come back to the room to the smell of beef stew, or chili, its kinda nice. Like really nice.

Stuff to Bring

Food, non-perishables: Peanut butter, tortilla chips, crackers, nuts/trail mix; canned beans, canned tomatoes
Food, perishables: bread, meat/tofu, cheese, yogurt, hard fruits (apples), veggies
Cooking utensils: cutting boards, chef's knives, paring knife, griddle
Other stuff: plastic cutlery, paper plates, paper bowls, dish soap, sponge

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