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Two camps

There's a great debate raging in my house over types of tortillas (we have important problems). Here's the lay of the land: there are the corn tortilla people, and the flour tortilla people. I am of the corn tortilla faction, so I make corn tortillas, like so:

I like them for a couple of reasons, because there are fewer ingredients, they taste like squished cornbread (which is amazing- go try it!) and a general sense of corn tortilla pride (but never mind that). It's a fast recipe, and a really fast cook time, so usually I just make them and feel like The Roadrunner (in a good way). I adapted my recipe from this one, (ok, so it's almost exactly the same) so definitely take a look. 

Corn Tortillas - 12, 8" tortillas

2 cups masa harina
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon salt
approx 1 cp warm water

1- Combine the masa, butter and salt a food processor until thoroughly combined. Slowly pour in water, stopping to stir up the mixture periodically, until the dough starts to clump together pretty tightly, but not into one ball (the dough should be fairly moist, neither wet nor crumbly). Cover the dough in a wet paper towel

2- Preheat an ungreased, nonstick pan on the highest setting your stove top will go- the higher the better. Pull out your trusty tortilla press (they look like this) and cut two pieces of parchment paper to cover the cast iron plates. I like to grease mine, but lightly flouring them works too. If you have a tortilla warmer, line it in a couple of paper towels, with a damp one on top (all the damp towels work to keep your tortillas from drying out before you eat them). 

3- Once your pan is good and hot, flatten your first tortilla and drop it on. The amount of dough needed will depend on the diameter of your press. For my 8" press, I use a ball a tiny bit smaller than a golf ball. Keep the tortillas very thin, because of the high heat, they will burn on the outside and not finish on the inside if they are too thick. 

4- Watch your tortilla closely, it should take about 1-2 minutes a side before you need to flip it (you'll know because the edges of the tortilla will visibly start to cook). A good pancake flip should do, but carefully use a spatula cut out for high heats if you risk dropping the tortillas on the floor.

5- While you are watching the tortilla, press the second one. When the first one is done, put it directly into the tortilla warmer, give the pan a second to return to full heat and drop on your second tortilla. Repeat the process until you are out of dough. Depending on the size of your tortillas, you very well could end up with more or less. Serve warm with butter, or other toppings, or use them for other recipes.

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