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Hello again! I'm back! And I have cake. Doesn't that always make things better? Actually, I had cake. I made a peanut butter-fudge birthday cake for my sister (shout-out to that sister! happy birthday!!) from this recipe. Only, the recipe is a regular chocolate layer-cake with seven-minute (type of egg-white based) frosting. Well, regular if cake happens everyday (I wish!). But I decided to go overboard with peanut butter and fudge and ended up with this: 

It actually was as good as it looks. And it was way fun to make. I had to go out and get quinoa flour to make it. Oh, and restock the whole fridge (darn freak, October snowstorm!). But the recipe worked really well. And I didn't even need the stand mixer. I did as I was supposed to and did not open the oven until the cake was done (lets the steam let the cake set up properly). It was kind of amazing: the layers actually came out of the pans completely flat. Of course, that was to aforementioned sister's irriation: there were no scaps to sample ahead of time! Anyway, I followed the seven minute frosting recipe right up to the seven minute part- I beat it until the peaks were very stiff, almost marshmallow-y. I wanted the frosting to support a lot of weight. Because I wanted to pour on the peanut butter and ganache. Which I did. On top of the bottom layer, I spread peanut butter, chocolate ganache, crumbled Reese's Cups (they're GF!!!!!) and frosting. Then I put the other layer on, frosted the whole thing, and drizzled/dumped melted peanut butter and ganache on top. The best sort of splatter-painting ever. The frosting was weeping a bit by the second day, but no matter. Best cake ever.

Chocolate Peanut-Butter Fudge Cake

Cake and Frosting: use this recipe

Melted Peanut Butter: simply put about 1/4 cup of (slightly sweet) peanut butter in a measuring cup, and melt for about 45 second in the microwave. I used smooth peanut butter, but crunchy works fine too.

Ganache: heat 1/3 cup milk in a small skillet or in the microwave. Stir in chocolate chips until it is fairly thick (probably about 3/4 a cup). Allow to cook for a few minutes, and then fling onto your cake.

PS: Originally this fudge cake was going to be an angel food cake, but after both attempts (this one, the chocolate one...which tasted like Cocoa Pebbles cereal) looked like this:

I decided I needed a Plan B and more research for the angel food. So I've been doing that and I am going to tackle it by Christmas. Seems like my folding technique was the culprit, but we'll see. So expect more on that later. And on creme brulee: a GF baker has to use up egg yolks somehow!! Especially when there is a possibility of creme brulee! Also, expect more pastries and risen bread. For some reason, after the failed angel food, I'm like super-pumped to get back into that. Way back when (like a year ago) when I was not gluten-free, I may or may not have spent my whole life fixated on baking pastries and risen bread. A hobby, I call it. 

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