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Torched Tuna Melts

Just to be crystal clear...I love my blow torch. I think I use it about as frequently as my 10" non-stick fry pan, which is about 3-5 times a week. No, I do not make creme brulee or sear tuna 3-5 times a week (I wish!!), but I do use the torch a lot. Honestly, mostly to melt cheese onto things, or anything else I would use the broiler for. Instead of blanching-and-shocking tomatoes to remove the skin (or peaches, I bet) you can torch the skin and it will peel off. Or you can crisp up the skin of a roast chicken in a few minutes, or you can blacken the edges of just about anything in a second or two (you can even do that intentionally if you want!), or you can roast peppers or do anything else that might require high, direct heat. It's not unlike using the flame of a single gas grill burner inside, in the kitchen. Or you can melt cheese.

There is really not much to this tuna melt recipe...except it gives me another reason to turn on my torch. So, I won't include a recipe other than to say- cover slices of bread (defrosted or toasted) with tuna salad and top with cheese, then torch until brown; serve once the cheese sets and follow up with blowtorch-made s'mores. 

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