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I don't have a recipe to share today (it's still in the works), which's time for a meta-recipe post!

Background: sometimes I can find a recipe I like, sometimes I can't, and yet more frequently, the one I want to use is not gluten-free. There are various adaptions to do- cornstarch for all-purpose flour in sauces, brown rice + tapioca flours + tsp xanthum gum for a cup or so, but in general, I make stuff up. It's fun, and more importantly, the trial and error is fun. Like these chocolate crinkles I'm working on:

Kind of the post-apocalyptic, melted-polar-icecaps of chocolate crinkles, no? When I started, the idea for the crinkles came from needing to burn through a whole bunch of chocolate. Taking a cue from my chocolate chip cookies, I used a whopping 16 oz chocolate, no oil/butter (the fat's in the chocolate), agave, almond + sorghum flour, and the usual xanthum gum, salt, vanilla, and leavener (baking power in this case).  But baking when baking the cookies up, the powdered sugar absorbed into the dough. Ah well. Doesn't mean the cookies aren't yummy, but it does mean that, like all GF bakers, I have a distinct "work-in-progress" on my hands. Which means, more chocolate cookies and a recipe to share soon. 

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