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Fluffernutter Cookiewhiches

Anyone else like words made out of combined words? I think my preferences are clear. Anyway. I've been fiddling around with different uses for chocolate cookies- on ice cream, under ice cream, sandwiching ice cream. You can see the pattern. Then it occurred to me to make it without ice cream, and that suddenly became interesting.

UPDATE: I now realize that my title is misspelled. However, I like that spelling, so it shall remain. Carry on. :)

I'm quite the peanut butter fan, so PB & Fluff was the obvious choice. Especially fluff toasted s'mores style, via blowtorch of course. For this particular cookiewhich, I also added strawberry jelly (my brother's favorite), but the additional jelly/preserves is entirely taste-based. Grape might be nice. Grape as in the age-old question of kids everywhere- "can I have a PB and J with Fluff for lunch?" Or one made on double-chocolate chip cookies for dessert. 

Fluffernutter Cookiewhiches- makes 1
Note: Multiply this recipe as many times as needed for the number of people to be served! Regular chocolate chip cookies or brownies could also be substituted in. Also, if you do not have a blowtorch, simply skip that step (# 3) in the recipe. 

2 double-chocolate chip cookies
1 tbs peanut butter
1 1/2 tbs marshmallow fluff
2 tsp jelly, optional
peanut butter + chocolate chips for garnish

1- Lay out the two cookies, flat sides facing up. Spread peanut butter onto one of the cookies. 

2- Top the peanut butter with fluff

3- Using a narrow flame on the blowtorch, toast the fluff.

4- Spread the jelly onto the flat side of the other cookie. Sandwhich the two cookies together

5- Serve immediately with chocolate and peanut butter chips for garnish.


  1. I love fluffernutter! By the way, words made out of combined words are called "portmanteau words". Like "witticism," which is a portmanteau word made from "wit" and "criticism," or "jeggings" (obviously "jeans" and "leggings"). Great post, though! Thanks!