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Chocolate-Dipped Divinity Candy

After making marshmallows, I had to make more candy. Not because I want candy, but because it's gluten-free...obviously... (OMG! candy!).

The difference between divinity and marshmallows is mostly temperature (which so basic it's is kinda awesome) and that divinity doesn't have gelatin (though some marshmallows don't...). And divinity is a particular favorite in my house and marshmallows are just a pantry staple. Anyway. I don't know how to invent candy recipes, so I found this Emril recipe on Foodily and the chocolate-tempering instructions from David Leibovitz. Both recipes worked for me very well- so well that I made divinity candy three times (this is batch #3) and dipped two of them (this is dipping #2). I would have kept making it, but the freezer ran out of space... Apparently, I need to figure out how to expand those drawers...

Chocolate-Dipped Divinity Candy- makes ~ 75 candies

1- Follow this recipe from Emril on Food Network; make the candies half-size for dipping.

Variation: sub out the 1 tsp vanilla extract for 1/2 tsp vanilla extract + 1 1/2 tsp almond extract- this makes it taste like the fluffiest marzipan ever.

2- When the candies are cool (minimum 4 hours later), chocolate dip them, following David Leibovitz's procedure on tempering chocolate. Be sure to work quickly, as the chocolate will firm up fast (as in "5 seconds after dipping and still around your fingers" - fast) if it has been tempered properly.  Let the candies cool after dipping on a large sheet of parchment on a baking tray or the counter.

Store at room temperature or in the freezer, after 1 week.

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