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Greek Yogurt with Summer Fruit

This is breakfast everyday, or some version of it. And as such, I highly, highly recommend it. Copy-editing sister will agree.

Greek yogurt, berries, and sometimes a peach. This time of year, though, peaches are fantastical, so I include them when I can because awesome summer fruits are awesome. Anyhow. Also in this here brekkie is GF toast with butter. Personally, I prefer fat-free yogurt because it's sourer, but to get any of the calcium and vit. D, one does need some fat...hence bread and butter. But other such breakfast carbs are yummy too.

Toast & Yogurt & Fruit - serves 1

Note: I like fat-free Greek yogurt because I love the flavor and it's thick and awesome and high protein and awesome. It can be a bit harsh on glutened-tummies, so watch out if that's an issue. Obviously, too, it's impossible for casein-free tummies, but I assume that soy or coconut milk yogurt can be substituted if you so desire.

Also, recommended fruit to combine: raspberries, blueberries, peach, strawberries, and/or blackberries. And of course, other fruits that are good in yogurt, but ones that I haven't tried them in any combinations (...yet...): bananas, or  kiwi, or plums.

2/3 cp Fat-Free Greek Yogurt
2/3 cp fresh fruit (e.g. 1 peach, dozen blueberries, 2 sliced strawberries)
1 slice of bread
sliver of butter

1- Toast bread. Meanwhile, scoop all the yogurt into a wide bowl. Wash/slice fruit into bite-sized chunks.

2- Butter the bread. Layer all the fruit on top.

3- The end. Enjoy. :)

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