Clara Gluten Free

About Me

First of all- Hello! Great to see you!

I started this here blog in 2011 to keep track of my experiments and observations about eating/living gluten free. After several injuries because of nutrients malabsorption, I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and promptly went off gluten. Which was- and is- uhh, super-wonderful. I love to experiment with new methods and techniques and ingredients, which is why gluten-free cooking is so much fun. I get to reinvent/re-research/rediscover everything all over again!

I'm a baker and a chocolate fan and a fruits-and-veggies fanatic. I'm also a student learning to be a chemistry teacher. Between cooking and studying, there isn't a whole lot of time left- but I overfill it with karate, graphic design, ballet, and Star Trek. And more cooking.

If you'd like to contact me- I am at claraglutenfree [at] gmail [dot] com . I'd love to hear from you!