Clara Gluten Free


Here is a list of where I get my supplies (because I've found it's really difficult to cook without ingredients)


Bob's Red Mill (Gluten Free)- I get mine in bulk on Amazon because it's cheaper that way and for some reason more fun to have a box of flour arrive on the doorstep than carrying it home.

The folks at Nuts Online also have an extraordinary selection of gluten free flours and other ingredients/snacks/candies. Everything marked gluten-free is certified so, which is always very, very good. 

Spices and extracts-

McCormick's- I use regular spices (non-mixes) that I just get from my local grocery store. I know. Fancy. However, they are not certified gluten-free

My favorite vanilla extract (and I use a lot of vanilla extract) is Nielson-Massey, which I get at most of the usual grocery stores in my area, but online cooking ingredient stores (as well as Amazon) also sell this brand. 


Wholesome Sweeteners- Perhaps its that I'm just a fan of fair trade + organic + other good things like that but I find that I like the way this brand cooks up the best.

I emailed Domino Sugar and they say that everything is gluten-free, so I use their sugars when I'm not near a health food store, health food section of a regular grocery store or the internet.